Cutwork Alencon               COLLECTING LACE

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From Collector to Curator  Pub. June 2013

Collecting Lace

Binche Lace With Dorset Buttons                 CLUES IN THE THREADS

Binche dorset buttons cu127

LACE:  A Thing Sui Generis, June 2013
CUTWORK ALENCON: Collect Lace, Not Names, 
Alencon Needle Lace Grounds
Crocheted Maltese Lace - Collecting Insouciant Lace Crochet
19th Century Crocheted Point de France Fall Cap
LACE IN BELGIUM:  Monday in Brussels, October 2013
LACE IN BELGIUM:  Tuesday in Bruges, October 2013
LACE IN BELGIUM:  Wednesday in Antwerp, October 2013
LACE IN BELGIUM:  Thurs: Reflecting on Lace in Gent, October 2013
LACE IN BELGIUM:  Friday in Leuven, November 2013

Clues in the Threads

Italian Rosaline: Made For Lord and Taylor  CLUES IN THE THREADS

Lord Taylor Italy lacesmall

Binche Cuffs with Dorset Buttons,  June 2013
Be Your Own Sherlock!,   June 2013
Italian Rosaline:  : Made In Italy for Lord and Taylor, June 2013
Carnival of the Animals:  A Bobbin Lace Mystery, July 2013
Mechlin Lace Makeover:  Travels in Time Part 1,  August 2013
Mechlin Lace Makeover Part 2, August 2013

Copy This!

Whimselybird,  May 2013
Swans a’Swimming,  July 2013
18th Century Motifs for Needle Lace, July 2013
Mechlin Motifs Hidden in the Weeds,  August 2013
Quartet of Quirky Roosters August, 2013
Impish Angels To Copy, October 2013
Vintage Floral Geometry, November 2013
Milliner’s Horsehair Halfstitch Lace, November 2013

Use It Or Lose It

Sort That Stash of Old Lace, June 2013
A Vintage Pelerine In Search of A Party,  September 2013
MENDING CUTWORK,  November 2013      219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2014