Milliner's Horsehair Half Stitch Lace

This pert -- and prickly -- piece of lace is made of horsehair and metallic thread.  Intended for milliners to use to decorate summer hats, the deceptively simple half stitch design offers a fun starting point for creative lacemakers.  

The loose, open structure may be too flimsy if worked in thread.  

If you don't have a cooperative horse to supply you with horsehair, consider the plethora of novelty wires available today that were not around  a century ago when this lace was made.  

Milliners lace
Leuven horsehair 2362EKs%20milliners%20draft%20001

Kate Henry -- aka "Threadthing"  to denizens of ebay and the internet -- has taken the first step for you, and made a rough draft that shows the basic path of the threads.  Precision placement on graph paper for a perfect pattern is up to you. (Click on small mages for larger views) 

The picoted metallic trails, which might at first glance appear to be some sort of novelty gimp, actually are the structure that holds it all together.

This particular piece of vintage lace came from the lace shop Serena in Leuven, Belgium during my September 2013 lace study trip.  See Friday in Leuven in the Travels in Belgium series on this website for more!

Have fun!

Milliners gold edge365

Milliners gold GIMP366


Posted November 2013

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