My Favorite Things

It often surprises people that I do not have a vast and impressive collection of antique lace.  There are a very few pieces that have stayed with me over the years.  For the most part, they come and go.  

I wrote to Margaret Simeon, collector and author of "History of Lace" when her collection went up for auction at Phillips auction house in London.  I wanted to know why she was giving up her collection.  She answered that she wanted to be around to see her pieces enjoyed by others.  

Me too!

Thus this feature.  Things that have been in boxes under the bed for a decade or two and perhaps will remain there will be featured here.  Others will be more transient pieces.  Perhaps there is something lurking on Ebay that will be my next favorite!

Titles are links to a complete story.

CANTU Bobbin Lace      Memories of Mary McPeek

Cantu  length559

Cantu bobbin lace is one of my favorite laces because it will everyway and always remind me of Mary McPeek


HOt House overview

The   HotHouse Lappets were, and remain one of my Favorite Things since I first began collecting.

Art Nouveau Scrap

Art nouveau scrap overview

This turn of the century needle lace fragment wants to be admired and copied.      219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2014