Swans a'Swimming

For lacemakers who already have the skills to work five-hole (cinq-trous) and/or kat stitch ground, here are a selection of swans with attitude from vintage pieces to add to your repertoire. Click on images for large, high-resolution image.

SWAN W POT single604
SWAN W POT over603

Fland swanCU198
Fland swan overview195
Fland swan corner196
Single small swan face619
Facing pair swans 618
placemt swan corner pair361 placemt swan pair360LITTLE SINGLE SWAN688

LITTLE swan hkf690

###                                  Published July 17, 2013

ADDED JULY 25, 2013

Old Longbeak over725

Are these swans?  Neck says yes, both and beak??????  Still cute and perhaps fun to copy.

Old Longbeak single726
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