Clues in the Threads

It is necessary to get down to the level of thread manipulations to really know how a piece of lace was made, and whether it warrants the label of a classic style of lacemaking. "Identifying" lace, or applying a name or label to it, is only part of the fun.  Exploring where it might have come from, when it might have been made and all the stories there are in the threads is much more interesting.

There are clues everywhere in pieces of lace, and in objects embellished with lace.

This section witll explore all those possibilities, and hopefully help you get learn more about the lace in your own collection, and how better to evaluate pieces you find in flea markets, bags and boxes of old lace in your grandmother's attic, and anything you might spot on the internet.

Each title provides a link to a complete story.

Italian Rosaline:  Made in Italy for Lord and Taylor

Lord Taylor Italy over096

Just as in the T.V. series Mr. Selfridge, late 19th and early 20th century department moguls sent to bring the most exotic and interesting items to their customers.  This Italian Rosaline handkerchief is one of those.

Binche Cuff with Dorset Buttons

Binche dorset pigeon eye125

What might easily have gotten just a courteous nod  as a fine study fragment has a Jane-Austen Era story to tell. 

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