Lacemaking is, as an expression of the human craving for beauty and creativity, magically alive.

In this section, we will offer sources of inspiration for today's creative lacemakers.  Some are individual motifs from larger pieces, some are entire pieces of old lace.  Sometimes we will post patterns or designs suitable for interpretation in a variety of lacemaking techniques.


Items shown here are either designed by me, and by offering my pieces here I am permitting free use, or they are from pieces so old the designs would not be covered by copyright law.

Contemporary lacemakers invest a great deal of time and effort in their work, and should own their own products. They are investing their time and effort and they certainly deserve, and may need to be compensated so that they are able to continue to produce.


placemt swan pair360

For lacemakers with skills to work five-hole  (cinq trous) and/or kat stitch grounds, here are a selection of swans.

EMK Whimsey Bird

EMK Color bird004

Pattern and instructions for "Elizabethan" WhimseyBird

Each title provides a link to ideas, patterns and/or  instructions.


Godey's Lady's Book and other mid-nineteenth century magazines for women often provided pictures and patterns with the terse comment "we will not insult our readers by explaining how to work these simple pieces."

When I fail to offer detailed instructions here it is because simply don't know how to write detailed instructions for all techniques.  I do know there are lots of very skilled lacemakers out there who do know how to work from detailed photos and minimal instructions.

To those who can and do, please share your successes in making pieces offered here by sending your photos to          lace

I also invite suggestions and critiques of the patterns and instructions provided here.      219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2014