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The fun of lacemaking for me always has been just "fooling around" with lace:  getting ideas from a wide variety of sources, and trying to make my own version.

It just happened that  Bridget Cook's book, Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace, was published just about the time I was starting out.  Those were years when lacemaking was focused on recreating the traditional laces in the traditional way.  One started learning Torchon, after that perhaps a little Bruges or Duchesse, and then one might progress….

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I had no time for that.  I wanted to play with my own ideas, and Cook's book allowed me to figure out how to make pieces that didn't fit a particular category, that were not "Name" laces with a guidebook of specific techniques.  That to me was great fun.

The idea of the COPY THIS section was to encourage lacemakers to take inspiration from vintage pieces, and come up with their own designs.  Books that offer various ways of turning corners, making curves, adding in pairs, filling stitches, background meshes.  

I asked Kate Henry, a disciplined lacemaker with a streak of fun, who has an excellent library of lace books, and always is current on what's new in lace books,  to put together a list of useful books that can help lacemakers figure out "how can I do that." 

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One example:  I had a collar made up of pieces of 18th century Mechlin bobbin lace that offered inspiration for some great COPY THIS possibilities, and includes several wonderful filling stitches.  

The shapes also could offer inspiration for techniques other than Mechlin -- there are, after all, no lace police.

Here is Kate's list of books with construction tips that aren't specific to a type.  Most are available through VanSciverBobbinLace.com.

Structures and thread diagrams:

Kloppeln Handbuch mit 400 Tricks un Kniffen, Ulrike Lohr. ISBN 3-7724-1219-X

Basics and grounds diagrams:

Torchon: Discover Explore Master, Ulrike Voelcker, no ISBN

Initiation a la creation dentelliere, Colette Van Steyvoort, ISBN 2-249-27612-9

Viele Gute Grunde Vols 1-4. 1100 samples with line drawings and worked lace. no ISBN. Publ. Germany. 


Kloppel-Kurs, Fur Selbststudium und Unterricht, Ulrike Lohr, ISBN 3-7724-1733-3

Bobbin Lacemaking, Doris Southard, ISBN 0-684-15032-8

Bobbin Lace. An Illustrated Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques, Brigita Fuhrmann  ISBN 0-486-24902-6 & 0-8230-0520-8

The Torchon Lace Workbook, Bridget Cook, ISBN 0-7134-5740-6

Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace, Bridget Cook, ISBN 0-486-25561-1

101 Torchon Patterns, Robin S. Lewis, ISBN 0-85219-637-7

Bobbin Lace, Form by the Twisting of Cords, Kaethe and Jules Kliot, ISBN 0-517-5-5932

A Manual of Hand-Made Bobbin Lace Work, Margaret Maidment, SBN 85609-00304

The Bobbin Lace Manual, Geraldine Stott, ISBN 0-486-26194-8 


Grunde mit System, Uta Ulrich, ISBN 978-3-925184-08-6

Die Grammatik des Tulls, The Grammar of Point Ground, Ulrike Voelcker no ISBN

The book of Bobbin Lace Stitches, Bridget Cook and Geraldine Stott, ISBN 0-7134-2124-X

A Lace Guide, Gertrude Whiting, no ISBN, 1917 


The Beginning of the End, Ulrike Lohr,  ISBN 3-7724-2695-6

Unsichtbar/Invisible, Martina Wolter-Kampmann, ISBN 978-3-9802279-6-4http://example.comhttp://example.com


July 12, 2013

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