Vintage Floral Geometry

GREY EDGE act size358

This stylized geometric floral design provides a whole range of puzzles for the serious lacemaker -- it has a variety of bobbin lace  stitches used as fillings and as background.  And lots of little bits that could be isolated as practice pieces or used for inspiration in other projects,

For a description of the whole piece, see Mystery Bobbin Lace Band in "My Favorite Things"

The large scale of the piece made getting a really sharp image of an entire pattern repeat a problem.  An actual size scan on a legal-size page of half of the pattern is available for download as a .pdf file.  It can be flipped and matched up with the trail to complete the pattern.

GREY EDGEdetail359GREY EDGEcorner360


Posted November 2013      219-659-1124    Elizabeth Kurella 2014