18th Century Motifs for Needle Lace

The motifs in the unique "Cutwork Alencon" lace pieces are actually embroidered cutwork.  They are imitating Alencon needle lace motifs, making them ideal needle lace patterns.  The original lace pieces were about 2-3 inches wide.  Designs, of course, could be adapted to any size.

Cut Alen motif 1Cut Alen Frag 1A 5

Cut Alen motif 1 clip 1

Note the similarities and differences in these two motifs.  It seems as if elements were cut-and-pasted to assemble the designs.  Leaves and daisies also have slightly different  shapes--perhaps retraced or copied?  

Also different embroidery details in the leaves and petals.  Maybe different lacemakers working the same patterns?  

Cut Alen Frag 1A 5 clip 1

Why could we not do the same, cutting and pasting to make smaller or differently shaped motifs, clipping off unwanted bits.

Copy Cut Alen 3 A COPY Cut Alen 3 C

Copy Cut Alen 2

But why stop with needle lace?  They are all graceful 18th century designs.  Why not adapt them to other techniques?

Please share your ideas, projects!


July 25, 2013

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